Genotyping services partners

Cytox has partnered with leading CLIA-compliant genomic laboratories running the Applied Biosystems GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument platform to offer Alzheimer’s disease risk assessment globally to pharma, biotech and research labs pursuing clinical research and drug development in Alzheimer’s disease.


IBX is a market-disrupting next-generation central laboratory supporting academia, government, and industry. IBX provides global sample collection, processing, storage, and analytical services integrated with scientific and technical support in both the research and clinical arenas. As a leader in biomaterials, IBX provides support to the development of diagnostics, therapeutics, and research in the genomics, precision, and regenerative medicine arenas. IBX previously operated as RUCDR Infinite Biologics before spinning off from Rutgers University-New Brunswick in August 2020.


Yourgene Health is an international molecular diagnostics group which develops and commercialises genetic products and services. The group works in partnership with global leaders in DNA technology to advance diagnostic science.

Yourgene develops, manufactures and commercialises simple and accurate molecular diagnostic solutions, for reproductive health and precision medicine. Our flagship product is for non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT) for Down’s Syndrome and other genetic disorders, enabling safer, fast and more accurate prenatal screening. Yourgene Genomic Services harnesses our core CRO capabilities to build a global laboratory service network equipped to be a full life-cycle partner for clinical, research and pharmaceutical organisations and includes our NIPT and COVID testing labs. Yourgene Health is headquartered in Manchester, UK with offices in Taipei, Singapore, US & Canada and is listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market under the ticker "YGEN". For more information visit and follow on twitter @Yourgene_Health.

Cytox assays can be run with service laboratories equipped to run the Applied Biosystems GeneTitan Multi-Channel Instrument platform anywhere in the world as selected in partnership with the study sponsor. We have positive experience with such laboratories in Europe, USA and the UK.

Platform Partner

Cytox has developed the groundbreaking variaTECT™ SNP research array for assessing Alzheimer’s disease risk. The variaTECT panel utilises the proven power and scalability of the Applied Biosystems™ GeneTitan™ Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific. The array is easy to administer and simply requires genomic DNA, e.g. from a blood or saliva sample, clinical sample archive or biobanked DNA. Cytox offers genomic profiling testing assays and services globally to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and research laboratories pursuing clinical research and drug development.

Working with Cytox

Cytox welcomes enquiries from all organisations interested in our groundbreaking approach to identify an individual’s genetic risk component for developing Alzheimer's disease:

  • Our commercial ready testing services are available today in North America and Europe as prognostic tests for identifying those at highest risk for cognitive decline and developing Alzheimer’s disease by organisations such as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, CROs and grant funded academic researchers. These entities are seeking more accurate and affordable prognostic approaches for identifying those at highest risk for cognitive decline and developing Alzheimer’s disease
  • Collaborators who want to learn more about how Cytox can license and commercialise their algorithms
  • Laboratory Services who want to offer our approach in Asia or Africa
  • Ecosystem partners who have synergistic technologies that could be taken to market together.

Please contact us via the contact form, on +44 (0) 1865 338 018 or at