Press Release

Jul 10, 2023
Cytox CEO, Dr. Richard Pither, Talks About genoSCORE™-ACT Genetic Risk Test for Alzheimer's Disease on the UK's Only Dementia-Focussed Radio Show – ‘The 'D' Word With Pete Hill'

3 July 2023: Our CEO, Richard Pither was Pete Hill’s guest on ‘The ‘D’ Word’ a dementia-focussed radio on UK Health Radio. You can hear the interview here

Richard talked about genoSCORE-ACT, Cytox’s genetic risk test for Alzheimer’s disease that is now available in the UK -  For the first time, anyone who is interested to know their lifetime risk for the future development of Alzheimer’s disease has the means to do so.

During the interview, Pete said ‘For me, this test is an example of people taking responsibility for their long-term health’. To which, Richard replied: ‘There’s a huge move on both sides of the Atlantic away from treatment of disease, the classic dementia centre, to what we call brain health. The idea being that you’re appealing to a much younger and healthier cohort who may not have any symptoms at all but are interested in taking action to reduce or mitigate the risk of developing AD in the longer term. Our test serves that population very well’.

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