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Dec 3, 2019
Cytox presents poster at CTAD 2019 on new variaTECT II array

New array can detect and analyse 500,000 SNPs linked to Alzheimer’s with potential to predict those at risk of substantial cognitive decline

4th December 2019: Oxford & Manchester, UK. Cytox Ltd, which provides non-invasive, rapid, risk assessment and patient stratification tools for Alzheimer's disease and dementia, will make a poster presentation starting today at the Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease conference (CTAD 2019).

The poster (displayed on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th December, 2019) is titled: Design of an Alzheimer’s Disease Specific Array for Driving Polygenic Risk Scoring Algorithms. It shows how Cytox’s new variaTECTTM array, which consists of 800,000 probes to detect around 500,000 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, is able to predict an individual’s genetic risk of developing disease, but also in stratifying for those at risk of substantial cognitive decline in subjects with MCI (mild cognitive decline).

Richard Pither, CEO of Cytox, said: “variaTECTTM is believed to be the most comprehensive SNP array available to genetically profile any individual, and predict their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The CTAD poster also shows how this technology has the potential to predict risk of further cognitive decline in MCI patients (over 4 years), thus enabling developers of new Alzheimer’s drugs to select suitable subjects for recruitment to clinical trials.” 

The new variaTECTTM array is an upgraded array, with optimised content to drive Cytox’s genoSCORETM and genoTORTM products, which provide Polygenic Risk Scoring (PRS) for the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. These non-invasive tests, use either blood or saliva samples, and are available on a fee-for-service basis, through a licensing agreement, or as part of a strategic partnership to develop companion diagnostics for future drugs.


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About Cytox

Without new drug therapies, the economic and healthcare cost burden of dementia - including Alzheimer's disease - is estimated to exceed $1tn per year in the next decade1.  Alzheimer’s – a highly complex disease with risk factors based in genetics, lifestyle, age, and environment – has seen no new approved drug therapy since 2003; and clinical trial failure rates run at 99.6%. Cytox’s products genoSCORETM and genoTORTM use Polygenic Risk Scoring (PRS) to improve clinical trial outcomes through patient stratification and the genetic characterisation of Alzheimer’s disease.



1. World Alzheimer’s Report 2015