Press Release

Oct 18, 2018
Cytox, Cardiff University and University of Birmingham to present research on application of polygenic risk score (PRS) analysis to stratification of subjects for clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease in carriers and non-carriers of the ApoE4 risk allele

Research results to be presented at CTAD Oct. 24-27

Cytox, in collaboration with Cardiff University, University of Birmingham and other leading research partners, is presenting a poster at the 11th Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease meeting in Barcelona, Spain, October 24-27.

The poster, P127, ‘The Application of Polygenic Risk Score Analysis to Stratification of Subjects for Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease in Carriers and Non-carriers of the ApoE4 Risk Allele’ is being displayed as part of the Theme 4. Clinical trials: Biomarkers including plasma session at the PALAU DE CONGRESSOS DE CATALUNYA in Barcelona, Spain. It presents the results from collaborative studies carried out by the MRC-Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics, Cardiff, UK, Birmingham University, the Institute of Neurology, University College London, UK, Cytox Ltd, Oxford, UK, Edith Cowan University and Cooperative research Centre for Mental Health, Perth, Australia and the Dementia Research Institute at Cardiff, UK.

Highlights of the presentation include:

  • Description of a PRS approach offering high-accuracy in predicting clinical AD and MCI, which is ApoE-independent so can be used to predict Alzheimer’s in whole population.
  • PRS approach that can be used to stratify amyloid-positive subjects for risk of clinical progression from MCI to AD.
  • The Birmingham genoTORTM PRS algorithm is ApoE4-independent and can be used to stratify for clinical risk of AD, has potential to stratify within an AD population and facilitate pathway-based population segmentation for targeted drug trials.
  • Integrated Cytox platform available on a global basis for clinical sample testing.

Please view poster here.