Press Release

Jul 12, 2018
New opportunities for Alzheimer's disease clinical trial design

Pioneering approach identifies those individuals most likely to progress from MCI to AD

Oxford & Manchester, UK. Cytox, a precision medicine company focused on developing solutions to identify individuals most at risk for developing Alzheimer's disease and dementia will be presenting a poster at AAIC, July 22nd to 26th, Chicago.

The collaborative scientific poster with Cardiff University and University of Birmingham, #P3-248, Stratification of Individuals for PET Amyloid Positivity and Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Using Polygenic Risk Score Analysis – new opportunities for clinical trial design, will be presented all day on Tuesday, July 24th, McCormick Place Hall F1.

Richard Pither, CEO Cytox, commented, “This provides the ideal opportunity to learn more about our recent advancements, including how we identify Alzheimer’s disease risk in ApoE3 homozygote individuals, and also identify those individuals most likely to progress from MCI to AD. We welcome all interest and invite you to contact us at AAIC or on”